Image of Practicum module main engine steam and gas turbine


Practicum module main engine steam and gas turbine

Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine are machineries used to drive a gear reduction which is connected to a generator and propeller shaft. The steam produced by the boiler/steam boiler (in a closed vessel) is either a water pipe or a fire pipe. Steam pressurized is high enough, flows through a nozzle, which is directed to the turbine blades, so that it rotates into another form of energy to produce powers. Boilers are designed to transfer heat from a combustion source, which is usually fuel combustion. A boiler is a connected vessel in which water is filled and heated, so that water boils and evaporates continuously into steam.

Steam generated from the boiler is used to rotate the steam turbine blades and rotate the shaft/axle, which is connected to the electric generator drive, the propeller shaft rotates, compressor driver, cargo pump on tankers, Mooring Winch and Winch-lass movers, and others. As for the gas turbine, the combustion medium in the combustion chamber is gas. With a very high pressure, it will rotate a low-pressure turbine, in which its rotation can be adjusted with a reduction gear and rotational speed regulator control which is often used for propulsion in aircraft and high-speed ships.

The operation of the Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine must comply with the operating standards that have been determined by regulations or safety laws. Therefore, the user of the steam turbine and gas turbine will have to meet the standard of the manufacturer who already has a production permit. The standards made will ensure safety in operation, thereby increasing the efficiency of the steam turbine while reducing the operating costs.


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